Online Paralegal Programs

Online Paralegal Programs – A Student’s Guide

Online paralegal programs give students the opportunity to complete their legal assisting education while enjoying the unbeatable benefits of distance learning. Not only can students take all of the prerequisite courses required to prepare for paralegal certification online, but they can also work towards a degree in legal assisting if that is their preference.

Read on to review accredited online paralegal certificate programs, and to learn more about the advantages offered by distance learning courses.

Online Paralegal Programs – Now Accepting Students

The following online paralegal schools are now accepting students. In order to ensure that you choose the best program possible for your particular needs, it is recommended that you ask for information from more than one school.

6 Advantages to Online Certificate and Degree Programs

In this section we’ll cover six of the biggest advantages to pursuing your paralegal certificate or degree through a distance learning program. While it is likely that there may be additional benefits to you beyond those listed here, these represent what most students consider to be the most-common ones.

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VarietySave MoneySave TimeLearning EnvironmentSchool - Work BalanceDevelop Technical Skills

More courses and programs to choose from

The only thing required to connect to the world of distance learning is an internet connection. Therefore, unlike traditional education – where your geographic location determines the courses and programs available to you – distance learning allows you to take any type of course you choose.

This means that, provided you can meet the admissions requirements, you are able to enroll in any online paralegal program in the country – regardless of where you live.

Save money

A second major advantage to online classes is the cost savings they provide.

Although the actual tuition costs for the programs themselves are usually the same as they are for campus-based courses, distance learning classes allow students to save money in other areas. These include:

  • Commuting costs (e.g. gasoline and parking)
  • Course materials (e.g. books, pencils, etc.)
  • Money spent on meals and snacks

Save time

Most students are extremely pressed for time, so the idea of freeing up a couple of hours each day is extremely appealing.

When you stop to consider how much time you usually spend commuting to and from class, finding parking, walking around campus, etc. you may be surprised at how much it adds up to.

Now think about the fact that you can have all of that time back if you take your classes online. The advantage becomes pretty significant, doesn’t it?

Customize your learning environment

We don’t all learn the same way. Some of us prefer to study while listening to music, the television, etc., and some of us need perfect silence. Some people like to sit at a desk in front of a computer, while others would rather lay on the couch with their laptop.

Regardless of the environment that you learn best in, it can be the one you use every day while completing your paralegal studies.

Learn while you earn

These days, most students need to work while completing their education. Taking online classes is an excellent way to accommodate this reality.

Because you can log-in and complete your classwork, listen to lectures, watch training videos, etc. at any time of the day that is convenient for you, you’ll never have to worry about missing class or falling behind because of other commitments.

Polish your technical skills

In the paralegal profession, you’ll spend a great deal of time using computers, the internet, and other types of 21st Century technology. By taking your paralegal program online, you’ll become familiar with many of the same types of technology used in the workplace.

Things like creating and sharing documents, preparing presentations, and doing research through different data management systems will already be second nature by the time you start your job.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Paralegal Certification Online?

Earning a certification online typically takes a full-time student between 15 months and four years, depending on the type of credential being pursued. Most online paralegal programs allow for students to complete their education at their own pace, so the answer to this common question is mostly up to the individual.

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